Final Fantasy 11 is such a beautiful game. Pros and Cons.

Final Fantasy 11 is such a beautiful game. In fact Id say it's the most beautiful there is. I do ask my self sometimes why I am not playing it after seeing such wonderful footage of the game. Never have I seen such a majestic game with such great graphics and music. Then I remember why I am not playing it. Il just explain the cons and prows.
Prows-Graphics, Music, Sound. That is what makes this game shin. Cons-You cant pick any race and job at the beginning of the game. They make you work your tail off to try them all. No audible voices. With today's technology Im sure they could do audible voices. After level 20 you will never be able to beat an enemy that is just one level below you. This forces you to find a party to help you beat an enemy that is just one level below you. That's just silly. The interface is not vary user friendly. You loose exp when you die. You loose non in wow. Questing is strenuous. Convincing people to help you on your quest can take days sometimes. I had a friend that took like a week you find a good party. If only you could solo in such situations there would not be this problem. The final word. Final Fantasy 11 has great music, sound and graphics. But that alone is not fun. What makes a game fun is freedom to travel the world and do what you pleas with out all the massive constraints. Half of your time in this game (from my experience and others I know) will be spent (waiting for people to join your group), all because you cant solo after level 20. You could be sitting there at your computer waiting for an hour just to get a party together to fight an enemy that is one level below your level. So after level 20 the game becomes 1. Wait a long time for a group. 2. Fight enemy's. It's the whole waiting forever thing that maid me stop playing this game. What makes a game fun is the feeling of accomplishment. The feeling is gon by level 20. So I don't recommend this game if you don't like waiting around for an hour for a party. Not all parties take that long but if you play the game a lot you should see what I mean.