This game is the biggest flaming pile of dung.

User Rating: 1.9 | Spider-Man 3 PS3
"Did you like Spider-Man 2? - Then you should LOVE this game!"

Thats what people tend to say when talking about Spider-Man 3. I for one loved SM2 just as much as everyone else (Except for the fact they had no unlockables).

Overall though SM2 was a good and decent game.

However the sequel, Spider-Man 3, is anything but good or decent.

Lets start off with the Graphics: The graphics are the most ugly i have seen on the PS3. The characters eyes look like they are bulging out of their sockets, and the textures on everyone is bad as well.

When you are web-swinging around NYC the textures of the buildings just pop in and out, its very ugly.

The graphics look like an ugly version of SM2.

Next is Sound: The voice over work is disgusting!

The only voice i can stand is Bruce Campbell, who cant? The pedestrians are lifeless zombies who say sentence after sentence without any emotion whatsoever.

After that is Gameplay: The gameplay of Spider-Man 3 is ridiculous!
It starts out easy enough, but when you start getting into the missions where the enemy is just a bunch of gets pathetic.

Spider Man is a weak loser in this game. You WILL struggle with the most simple of enemies sometimes.

You'll think to yourself "Am i playing as Spider Man or what!?" Because the regular, run of the mill thug could kill you fairly quickly. Last i checked Spider Man didnt need to try that much fighting people with no powers!

And the context sensitive parts of the game are NOT needed.

As a final say gameplay wise, "New Goblin" is total trash!

I have the Collectors Edition, and it was not worth an extra $10.
It seems as if they tacked on the damn character so they have an excuse to make extra money.

He has a VERY limited move set. And his "Sky Stick" is redundant to say the least.

Just believe me when i say hes worse than terrible.

What is the Value?


I wanted to like this game, i REALLY did. But as soon as i turned on my PS3 to play it i knew it wasnt going to be good.

There ARE framerate issues, dont listen to what anybody says who tells you differently. I would not lie about something like that, especially a SM game.

This is the most crappiest game out now. I would rather play Dark Kingdom than this piece of crap.

I regret spending $70 for a pile of feces and im selling it as soon as i can.