an early heads-up

User Rating: 7.8 | Spider-Man 3 X360
Ok, I LOVED the second movie game so I got myself up early this morning and dragged myself along to my local game store to buy the xbox360 version of Spiderman 3. I've played like an hour and a half and these are my first impressions. Firstly: graphics, the graphics for this are pretty awesome, spidey's character model is well detailed and for such a large play area the varitey in cars, street people and gang thugs is impressive. Secondly - Webslinging: It looks great and it's fun to do (not a big surprise if you've played the second game), sadly it's a little niggly at first but I soon picked it up and once you get the webzip it's a very fluid system. Combat: This is where my main gripes with the game so far lie, it's visually impresive but as far as I can tell the combat system isn't very deep, everything moves too fast unless you are in spider reflex mode (which saves the combat system from being broken) and I've tended to have to resort to button mashing for large groups of foes. Super moves are added when you complete certain goals and it is my hope that these will eventually allow a bit more strategy in fighting the city's goons. the chain combos are a great improvement on the spiderman 2 system so I remain hopeful that as you progress the combat will get deeper. It's been fun so far - so if you liked the second game I'd recommend this to you, if that game slipped under your radar then wait for a full review - hope you guys found this helpful