User Rating: 7.4 | Spider-Man 2 DS
Spiderman 2 is one of the more obviously appealing launch titles for Nintendo DS. The game does a fine job of showcasing the new portable's relative power compared with Nintendo's own Game Boy Advance. As Spiderman you swing around New York City beating up thugs and robots. Yet, while Spider-Man 2 sure looks great, it suffers from extremely frustrating level design. Some of these levels can be so annoyingly difficult that they'll make you want to wreck your brand-new Nintendo DS. And you wouldn't want to do that.

In this game you will be following the story line in the movie. Except that you will be fighting a new set of villains that are only seen in the Spiderman show. You will also be fighting a new villain. His name is Doc Ock. This game uses mostly the upper screen on the DS. The bottom screen is used mainly for selecting a move and selecting things on the menu. At least you won’t scratch up your touch screen with this game. There are also good 3-D graphics that the GBA or GBASP could have never pulled off. Overall this game is pretty good.