User Rating: 8.9 | SpellForce: The Order of Dawn PC
Overall the game was pretty impressive (even though it took me 120+ hours to finish due to the insanely long battles), The ending basically (I won't give it away) is a prelude to a "spellforce II" or expansion (of course). The game is a perfect blend (as mentioned in other reviews) of RTS and RPG and no other game that I have played seems to pull it off like spellforce does. The sound is pretty impressive. As for the spell system, you are very limited in terms what are made available to you because of the way you develope your character, if you place too much emphasis on being a "warrior" and then later on decide to put more emphasis on magic, you skill point - distribution for formulating your character becomes limited, so you have to be very careful. Also in terms of graphics - pretty good. But you have to have a pretty good system and a powerful graphics card (I:E ATI 128 mb video card at a minimum because the game is a "resource hog.." with "horrible load times..") but overall, I loved it.. So if you are a RTS/DIABLO type fan. it's a must buy. If you are looking for a closer DIABLO II clone, then check out "SACRED" (it's like DIABLO II on steriods...) also another encore games title.