Too easy, too difficult, too short and get ready to play and get killed over and over... but just for a short time.

I think they wanted to make a game so similar to the movie that they ended up making a game about 2 hours long (just like the movie).

You can finish this game in no time, but don't think its because is an easy game, some parts are very easy and you'll find yourself clearing a level in a blink of an eye, but that probably means that on the next level you will be hearing the same annoying phrase over and over when you get kill over and over and go back to the last checkpoint over and over. Yes, that pretty much resumes what this game is all about play over and over the same tedious levels, too easy levels or too hard super short levels. (Like in the last boss I must have walked up those ramps full of guards like more than 50 times to get killed over and over before reaching the helicopter where you have to shot Medrano about 8 times, while he's running, without missing a single shot with the almost impossible zooming/aiming crappy system; I mean the guy must have had super powers; 6, 7 shots in the head and he still gets away!)

Anyways, this game is too short, sometimes too easy, sometimes too hard, graphics are not that good at all, they look a little bit better than those found in a Tomb Raider game, and sometimes it feels just like that, like if you were playing a Tomb Raider game with a guy that can't run and jump, instead run, stop, (press x) and then jump (at the beginning of the game there's a short tutorial where they teach you how to grab a ledge and move to the other side and I don't remember using that in any part of the game).

You find yourself lost in a couple of levels, not sure where to go, not sure what to do, and there is no saving, you have to go through hell to get to a checkpoint and very often when you're almost there, guess what... you die and have to go back all over again. And also there are like this mini annoying games after you've been an hour trying to kill a guy, he suddenly comes back from the death and you have to go on a one on one hitting a specific button combination, that again sometimes was too easy and sometimes was too hard.

I did not enjoy playing this game, it was a pain to play and a waste of time.

Oh and there's no First Person View in this game, only the behind the head view and that's not FPV, the still images here showing FPV must be from PS3 because there is NO FPV in PS2 version of this game.