This game had a lot going for it but...

When I heard about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon I was excited, and who wouldn't be? You got to play as a Pokemon! I was very disappointed with the results the storyline took me about 1 day to finish. All the dungeons are the same thing, sure there are differences in the pokemon and dungeon floor. Essentially this game is a repetitive chore. If you are just starting pokemon or getting back in to it. Just wait till Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. This is not worth your time or money. The graphics were the only thing worth your time. The sprite work was nice. The songs are annoying and don't vary greatly. Once you play it once it's not worth playing again. I lost an HM and I had to start the whole game over, because you need them to enter certain dungeons. The 30 dollar price is way to expensive. This game in my opinion was one of the biggest buzz and bust's of the whole pokemon line. Just wait.