Mass effect has a very cool story and gameplay but it doesnt have the replay value you would expect from bioware.

Mass effect is a very cool game and bioware delivers on the story.This game is a leap forward in that respect but in terms of gameplay it takes a few steps back.

Once you get too know the combat and the rest of the mechanics this game gets fun.You'll fly through a huge galaxy in your own star ship and fight to save all beings .Its cool to say the least.However after my 3 rd play through I started to get really bored with it.Its really fun the first play through,kinda fun the second and the third it just gets kinda old.The side quests help with this.You'll go chart planets and discover stuff and its fun at first but quickly begins too feel like a chore.The side quests don't have that big of an impact on the actuall game and the rewards are not all that great.THe only reason you'll want to do them the second or third time through is too hit your level cap.

Another thing is there is no melee combat at all,which is a downer,no stat adjustment,you just get too place your skills.The loot all seems the same too with no real incentive too just loot everything you see.You'll find out by end game the unlocking skill is not really needed as you will get your hands on the same stuff anyways.

I guess i have ben spoiled by neverwinter nights,kotor 1 and 2 and the elder scrolls morrowind which offer hours of game play,tons of unique items and loot,fully customizable stats,skills and so on,and tons of replay value and chances are with these games you'll experience something new for the first couple of play throughs.Mass effect however once you've done it, you've done it.

Still add in the cool gameplay that mass effect does have the really great story and you've got a game that is for sure worth budget price you'll now pay for it.