If you like Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2 then you´ll love this mix between those two games!

User Rating: 8 | SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars PC
When installing this Game i thought it were som kind of hack and slaugth game, mabye some kind of Mmorpg play, maybe som kind of strategic game.

But I was gladly very wrong, this is a complete mix betwen them all.

----------------------First: Background for Storyline--------------------------
The story have two possible main-charactors who you play as male or a woman, in a clan named "shaican", a bloodclan/packt with magical power from their clanleader "the patriarc." (Patriarc is a large Dragon gives magical to his clan.)
The maincharacter has in his help some bloodallies/co.characters. (who player also controls.)
A threat has ocurred to your homland, Undead, Orc and other foul beast invade your villages and slaugth your homeland leaving you to go seek help among Human millita, Dwarf, Elves and anyone willing to help you fight agains the invaders.
Help may not be easy to get, war and lost contact between races and clans make it more difficult convincing them to be your allied against opposite force. As the story evolves the threat is not only to your homeland, its to the whole world, Allies have war at their homeland to. Your task an quest is to healp them and combine forces to beat the invaders.
Story have diffrent quest and tasks who all in some way are combined to the main-storyline, Save your homeland and eventually the world.
There are two kinds of gameplay at the same time, one more like Diablo, you are a charracter who level and collect items/artifacts, Armor and weponery are fully adapable, Spells and special abillitys to. You get experience points for doing quest and solve tasks, when experiense get higher you level to get new abbiletys. You have Heroes to help you who you also controls, they have diffrent abbilitys, level and adaptable armor, wepponery.

The second type is a strategic type, more like Warcraft 3, you are the same charater but as a comander of an army, build an army with Elves, Paldins, Griffons, Dwarf and so on. Main guest is often to defeat enemy army/forces to solve quests/tasks.
-------------------------------My own reflections---------------------------------
At first glimt of Spellforce 2 i rejected this game into the "bla,bla" Diablo genre, but i was very wrong, theres more to it than that. As the story goes on the story actually is wery good and the gameplay is various and dont get boring unlike Diablo can be. Dont get me wrong i loved Diablo 2 but sometimes during that game it felt more like a slaugther game than an escalade/evolving story, Spellforce 2 dont have that kind of boredom.
Spellforce 2 is a large game, up to this day im not compleate yet, and many good solid hours have been played and many hours left to play.

I would recomend anyone who like Diablo, and warcraft series this game.
Visual and sound is good but not exelent, story and gameplay weigth it up to a exelent game anyway.

A 8 of 10 game!