What a good game!!!

User Rating: 8.6 | SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars PC
I have played many RPGs and RTS games before, but I have never heard of a RPG/RTS game. When I got this game for a gift , I was curious about this because of the gameplay. When I put about 2 hours in it, I was addicted to this. The gameplay, sound effects, character effects, graphics, and even the music. The story is very understandable and interesting. There are some down sides to this game. Even thought the gameplay, graphics, and music is so great, you might have some problems about this game your computer. The graphics are great but you are going to need a powerful graphics card with the latest drivers. The music is so good, but requires a great sound card with good speakers. Now the computer itself. All this depends on your computer speed. But if your computer itself with the great features, then you will might love this game.