I really don't think this game can get any better, except maybe a TINY little bit more of interaction with other things, like people... but otherwise this is the BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED!!!! IMPERFECT IS NOW NOT IN UBISOFT'S VOCABULARY!!!

But yes he is not TECHNICALLY a Prince Of Persia, but his nickname is Prince, and the Persia part is either because he's from Persia, or maybe because he did some AMAZING feat in Persia.... but I will have to play on to tell more....

The Combat.... it would be cool if it was more than one on one.... like The Prince, Elika vs. 1-3 bad guys... anymore and that would be hard!! lol... but other than that, I LOVE the combat play in this game... it's so interesting and fun... like using acrobats to turn the bad guy around to the edge of the cliff so u can just slice him off.... hehe lol

and finally... the acrobat moves.... Ubisoft made the moves alot more real.... in the Old Prince Of Persia, you could wall run an incredible length, without even using his hands.... this Prince actually uses all he can to stay on that WALL!!.... and even when he grabs onto a ring or something and swings off it to keep going, he doesn't go as far as he was before... it is REAL!!!... like if one could wall run... you'd do it like he does in the new Prince Of Persia!!!

After ALL that... everything adds up to 10 for me....

Once again.... perfection... absolute perfection.... :)