Think Midtown Madness, then add a delightfully quirky story, current gen graphics, and endless play modes. Plain Fun!

I had never heard of this series until Steam had a major sell on Crash Time III. I picked it up because I had an itch for a racing game. I knew absolutely nothing about the game and bought it on a whim. I am certainly glad I did!

Crash Time III continues the series of Crash Time games which places the player into the role of a duo of cops working the streets of Germany. It is based off of a German TV show called Alarm for Cobra 11, which is the German equivalent to Starkey and Hutch. The game is open world that takes place in a European city. The core story is laid out to the player in the form of cases which act like "missions" for the player to complete. These can be anything from proving your skills by doing check point races to chasing down bad guys while shooting out the window to even using explosive drones to blow up a van full of bombs.

There are several branches the story takes which exposes the player to numerous tasks. This is what makes this game so great, it never gets repetitive. There are always new tasks to perform and interesting events to participate in. One branch has the player racing in a local car club to try to undercover some potential criminals while others have the player stealing cars for a dubious international exporter. There are many branches which are all totally unique. One thing this game does incredibly well is it keeps the pace moving and does not bore the player with tedious missions.

Altogether there are 48 cases to close some of which consist of multiple parts. I ended up beating the single player case load in around 5 hours of play time. After that there are countless side missions to take part in, not to mention being able to just cruise the huge city in the fun and wacky vehicles which the player unlocks as the game progresses. Monster trucks, semi trucks, a tank, race cars, SUVs, a firetruck, and more are available to wreck havoc to the game world.

If you were a fan of the Midtown Madness series or just want to have a fun time in a light hearted open world racing/driving game then pick this up, it is so cheap now that even if you only play through the campaign it will be well worth it!