A solid shooter with a strong moral twist that really makes you think about horrors of war!

User Rating: 7 | Spec Ops: The Line PS3
With a name so bland and generic as "Spec Ops: The Line", you expect nothing more than a very average shooter that you have seen a thousand times before and could re-enact the characters and story in your sleep. However, well this is sort of true of the gameplay the story is a different matter.

First off, It was very difficult to make my mind up on this game as it was a rollercoaster of ups and downs, good game vs bad game. The only way to deal with this game is to split it story and gameplay. Let's start on the gameplay.

Much like every other shooter you really have seen this before cover & shoot! You can carry only 2 weapons at a time with about 10 weapons available in the game, ammo is very tight so you will find yourself changing weapons very often. You have 2 team members who can offer services like sniping and flash bang but this system is poorly implemented and a bit thin. There's not much to say, its pretty solid as standards go, with only a few little niggles such as clunky controls when trying to get in and out of cover but other than that, it's pretty good.

Now the story, the only thing that will set this game apart from the rest, like a lot of shooters the story is not particularly well told requiring you to pay attention to fully understand what is going on but that said it is actually very clever and deals with the morality issues of warfare. Along the way are some horrifying situations which actually make you feel very emotionally connected to the story and you get invested in trying to figure out what the hell happened. Along the way are many choices that you can make. Some of these are blatantly obvious and your teammates act as conflicting sides but other times the choice is not so clear and you can be a bit creative.

Good Points
• An interesting story that really makes you think
• Very nice graphics
• Subtle yet effective destructible environments
• Good Replayability – You want to go back through and do the different choices

Bad Points
• Seen all the gameplay before
• Clunky controls sometimes screw you over
• Not many enemy variants
• No boss fights/ not many varied section styles
• Checkpoints in some stupid places

I would say this game does have replayability in terms of wanting to see what happens with the other choices, even though I imagine not a lot changes. Overall I think this is a solid shooter and is definitely worth getting when it becomes a bit cheaper as the story is very interesting and makes you think.