meh nothing new nothing special same old otherwise solid but short performance

User Rating: 6.5 | Spec Ops: The Line X360
After finishing the game I feel a bit disappointed. First off disappointed by the gameplay. It feels almost the same to all other TPS out there but at the same time the creators did fiddle with controls enough to make it no longer intuitive. By that I mean that double tapping "A" on XBOX does not vault you and some other similar quirks. I am also am not pleased that there is no way to run and gun in this game on consoles. The way the AI kills the player in 1-2 shots makes me always stay in cover almost always in 1 place and pop out kill 1 bad guy regen health for 10 seconds combine that with that the bad guys actually take a few shots even to the head to kill sometimes makes me even more disappointed and this is coming for a guy who loved both Kane and Lynch games.

Dont get me wrong the gameplay is in no way bad but it never raises above average either.

The only great thing that have put in the game is the story with multiple endings. The story is definitely above average for a shooter with a few cool twists.

All in all I'd say this is an average TPS with so called "realism" in the gameplay with a short single player campaign that can be beaten in ~6 hours on console and way less on PC. If you liked Kane and Lynch give this a try. If you havent tried Kane and Lynch play that instead as both are better games than this imo.