It could have been a great game. Sadly, it's too short.

User Rating: 8 | Spec Ops: The Line PC
I was excited to play this game because I love FPS and shooters in general. Well, what can I say. I think this is the most violent shooter ever, not because you shoot soldiers, because you get to shoot civilians too. You execute soldiers anyway. The image of war is transposed well and you see a lot of copses all around. You have to make some moral decisions, just a few it's true. You're accompanied by two other soldiers and you must find the remains of a certain 33 company. But things get hazy along the way and the end will be a surprise. I won't spoil it. The gameplay is typical to a third person shooter. You can give orders to your mates and they'll execute it without hesitation. They can heal each other and you can heal them as well. The graphics is amazing and you're impressed by Dubai in ruins. The desert is magnificent and the soldiers move as they should. The game has three levels of difficulty. Sometimes you die pretty easily, therefore you must take cover. It's a well balanced game. I recommend it to all those who love shooters.