Spear of Destiny Cheats For PC

  1. Skip the Question(s) at the beginning of the game

    If you don't have the booklet that has the information required to answer the questions when you first load up the game, you don't have to look up the answers online. Instead, all you have to do is type "joshua" as your answer. No matter what the question is, if you type joshua, it gives you a nice little message and let's you right into the game.

    Code Effect
    Joshua Skips verification questions

    Contributed by: White_Wolfos_14 

  2. Full health, ammo, and weapons.

    Hit M+I+L while playing the game to instantly get full health, the chaingun, and 99 ammo. Your score is set to 0, though.

    Contributed by: Padijun 

  3. Debug Mode Cheats

    Start the game with the word -debugmode in the command line. Press [Left Shift] + [Alt] + [Backspace] to enable debug mode. Then press:

    Code Effect
    [Tab] + I 5-Finger Discount
    [Tab] + B Be color blind
    [Tab] + G God Mode
    [Tab] + C Display #s
    [Tab] + W Extra Stuff
    [Tab] + X Skip Levels
    [Tab] + Q Exit Game
    [Tab] + V Add extra VBLs
    [Tab] + P Pause without message
    [Tab] + M Display memory usage
    [Tab] + T View graphics and play sounds
    [Tab] + E Skip Two Levels
    [Tab] + S Toggle Slow Motion
    [Tab] + H Lose health
    [Tab] + F Display Coordinates
    [Tab] + N Walk Through Walls

    Contributed by: Evil Penguin 

  4. God Mode without enabling Debug Mode (Spear of Destiny Only)

    Enter the following code during play for Invinciblity without entering Debug Mode.
    This code does not work for any other Wolfenstein game.

    Code Effect
    [Tab] + G + [F10] God Mode

    Contributed by: Pleinair 

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