Sparkster Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Raise Score To Desired Point by Defeating Infinite Enemies

    In the first level inside the ship, proceed until you're past the wooden crate walls, which you broke through with your rocket. When ricocheting off walls toward the end of the level (before the boss), there should be a space inside the wall on the right. Jump in and walk in. If you're in the right place, you should find some sort of wooden wall built into the stage wall. Charge into it to break it, and an explosion will show up. Infinite enemies will spawn from the explosions. Maintain a distance from them, face the explosion, and press the attack button repeatedly to kill enemies the second the spawn. Kill enemies until desired score is reached.

    Contributed by: Turbo Speed 

  2. End Passwords

    Code Effect
    Crystal, Crystal, Crystal, Crystal, Crystal, Banana, Space, Space, Apple, Crystal, Apple, Banana Last Stage (Hard)
    Space, Banana, Apple, Space, Space, Banana, Apple, Apple, Crystal, Apple, Apple, Apple Last Stage (Very Hard)

    Contributed by: ReyVGM 

  3. Passwords

    At the title screen select password and attack the empty boxes to change them.<br />A: Apple B: Banana C: Crystal N: Nothing<br />T: top row M: middle row B: bottom row

    Code Effect
    T:ABAN M:CBCN B:BAAB Easy Level 1
    T:CACA M:CNBN B:ACAC Easy Level 2
    T:ABAN M:ACCA B:NACN Easy Level 3
    T:NNBB M:NABN B:NBCN Easy Level 4
    T:ANCN M:ACBA B:NACN Easy Level 6
    T:BANA M:NCBN B:ANCA Easy Level 7
    T:CACA M:CABA B:BACC Normal Level 1
    T:NNBB M:NNCA B:ANAA Normal Level 2
    T:ABNN M:BCAA B:ABCB Normal Level 3
    T:NNBB M:BABN B:ANCB Normal Level 4
    T:BACC M:ACAA B:NCAN Normal Level 5
    T:ANBN M:BCNA B:ABCB Normal Level 6
    T:EBAE M:EACA B:AAAE Normal Level 7
    T:ANAB M:NBAN B:ACAN Normal Level 8
    T:NNAB M:NCCN B:NCCN Hard Level 1
    T:BCNC M:AANN B:ANCN Hard Level 2
    T:CABA M:CBBN B:ABAC Hard Level 3
    T:NNCB M:NCBN B:NCCN Hard Level 4
    T:ANCN M:BNNN B:BAAC Hard Level 5
    T:CCNA M:CBCN B:ABAC Hard Level 6
    T:CCBC M:CCBN B:CBAC Hard Level 7
    T:NBCN M:NBCN B:BCCN Hard Level 8
    T:BANA M:ANNN B:CNCN Hard Level 9
    T:BCCC M:ANBA B:NCAA Very Hard Level 1
    T:ABNN M:BNCA B:CBCC Very Hard Level 2
    T:NNBB M:NBAA B:CNAN Very Hard Level 3
    T:BCAC M:ANCA B:NCAA Very Hard Level 4
    T:CCAA M:CCAA B:BACB Very Hard Level 5
    T:NBNB M:NBNA B:CNAN Very Hard Level 6
    T:NBNN M:NCAA B:ANAN Very Hard Level 7
    T:BAAA M:AABA B:BCAA Very Hard Level 8
    T:ANNB M:BACA B:ABCC Very Hard Level 9
    T:NNBC M:NNCN B:NBCN Crazy Hard Level 1
    T:BCAB M:ABNN B:AACN Crazy Hard Level 2
    T:CCAN M:CABN B:ACAC Crazy Hard Level 3
    T:NBNC M:NNBN B:NBCN Crazy Hard Level 4
    T:ANBA M:BCNN B:BNAC Crazy Hard Level 5
    T:CCCN M:CACN B:ACAC Crazy Hard Level 6
    T:CCCB M:CNBN B:CCAC Crazy Hard Level 7
    T:NBBA M:NACN B:BBCN Crazy Hard Level 8
    T:BBCN M:ACNN B:CACN Crazy Hard Level 9

    Contributed by: Tropicon 

  4. Crazy Hard Mode

    Code Effect
    Go to the Set Up Screen, highlight Level and press Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Up, Down, Up, A, X. Crazy Hard Mode
    At the options menu, highlight ''Sound'' and hit select. Sound Effects Test (Japanese Version Only)

    Contributed by: incrediblehark 

  5. Immortality

    Pause the game and press A, B, X, Y, L, R. Unpause and sparkster won’t take any damage from hits. To reverse the code just pause the game and put it in again.

    Contributed by: Tropicon 

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Sparkster Cheats For Genesis

  1. Level passwords

    Enter the following passwords at the password screen:

    Code Effect
    Green Sparkster, Green rocketpack, Yellow Sparkster, Red Gems, Red Sparkster, Green Sparkster, Blue Sparkster, Yellow Sword Level 2
    Yellow Sparkster, Green rocketpack, Yellow Sparkster, Red Gems, Red Sparkster, Green Sparkster, Red Sparkster, Yellow Sword Level 3
    Blue Sparkster, Green rocketpack, Green Sparkster, Red Gems, Red Sparkster, Green Gems, Green Rocketpack, Yellow Rocketpack Level 4
    Red Rocketpack, Green rocketpack, Red Sparkster, Red Gems, Red Sparkster, Green Gems, Green Rocketpack, Yellow Rocketpack Level 5
    Green Rocketpack, Green rocketpack, Red Sparkster, Red Gems, Yellow Rocketpack, Green Gems, Red sword, Yellow Rocketpack Final Level

    Contributed by: stncldrwg 

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