Infinity Gene isn't a resurrection, it's a re-birth.

User Rating: 9.5 | Space Invaders Infinity Gene X360
For those of you that haven't even played the demo of Infinity Gene, go do it. Now. In a time where most games cost $65 just so you can be disappointed with lack luster design, short sighted stories and weak game play. Infinity Gene manages a dose of old-school goodness. While there may be no story and the graphics aren't cutting edge it does bring to the table the one thing most modern games just can seem to produce. Awesome game play. The game consists of an almost mind boggling amount of content for what it is.
As you play through IG you'll 'evolve' your craft. Gaining new abilities, unlocking new 'bonus' stages and even gaining new weapons. The list of weapons is pretty large, though sadly only about three prove to be of any worth. As for the bonus stages and the challenge stages, they are fun but no where near as much as the main 'campaign'.
Space Invaders: Infinity Gene does many things well, but two aspects stand out above the rest. The games Speed and the games Soundtrack. First the soundtrack, if you're a fan of house techno/trance you should love this soundtrack. Great beats that the game is actually timed to give the game a sort of 'pulse' or life to it. By letting yourself really get into the music, you can sometimes predict waves of enemies and attacks. This brings us to the games most important attribute, Speed. Space Invaders:Infinity Gene takes classic Space Invaders, multiplies the amount of enemies by a hundred (not a huge exaggeration) and cranks the speed up by about twenty fold. It might sound ridiculous, but it is. Which is what makes Space Invaders so fun, while the amount of stuff happening on screen may seem overwhelming to some, overall it's a blast watching literally hundreds of enemies exploding all over the place while you fly back and forth dodging enemy fire.
Overall Space Invaders:Infinity Gene may prove too much a challenge for some. Still it's a super blast to play, especially with friends. A good scoreboard system will also let you check your scores to the worlds to see where you rank globally. Finally it offers a neat feature that lets you plug your music into the game, the game will then match the pacing of the game to your music. This is great for a few reasons, especially if you're a music lover like me. Now for those of you big on rap or R&B you won't get a ton out of that feature, but for you metal/techno fans it's a serious thing. Playing Space Invaders:Infinity Gene to Laser Cannon Deth Sentence is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. Overall this is a must buy, the 10 dollar price point makes it an easy to get collectible.