Good game when you forgive insane save game system.

It does have really nice graphics, good sound and interesting game mechanics. Unfortunate "save game" system is really poor!! Some of the bosses are really hard and you need to make it just perfect to beat them... this is OK but the real problem is that if you fail you have to repeat the whole level again !!!! Imagine playing for an hour and then beeing defeated by final boss. You have to go all the way back and play for another hour just to have another chance for killing the boss.... if you fail you have to play another hour for your next chance ! You can not save your game manualy and the word "checkpoint" does not exist for the creators.

The whole thing is change by the fact you can play any previuos mission again and gain more experience / level-up before going to your current mission again. Suprisingly the first character you can play is the mose dufficult you get (at least od the thirs three). Keeping that in mind the game looks much better. Gameplay is really fun and make it worth a while.

If you are looking for fast pasted button masher go for it - it's nothing deep but just solid action advanture game.