No wonder the aliens are attacking, look at how pretty our planet looks, shame the stuff that's in it is so dull

I was excited. So excited that maybe this game was never going to meet expectations. I was right.
Now don't get me wrong, this game looks stunning, unbelievably stunning at that. I was rather pleased when I entered the disc, loaded up the game, entered the settings menu, hit auto-detect and I swear I heard my pc laughing ( and muttering something like "what is this, bring me a challenge!"). I was able to play crysis on the highest possible settings with a decent frame rate that barely dropped... and I was not disappointed when I started playing. It's sexy, the same way that Jewel Staite or Keira Knightly are sexy, it just looks so damn good. The problem is... that's it's only trick (unlike the above mentioned women).

I was entertained, but that's about it. After about an hour or so I'd gotten used to killing mercs and the nano suit made this pretty easy, even on the harder settings.
To cut a long story short, I completed the game and had a profound sense of emptiness, somthing was missing. After a bit of thinking and a decent pint I realised what was missing, quality gameplay and replayability. It was fun, but that's about it, it wasn't outstanding, it didn't make me go "oh cr*p arghhhhhhhhhhh" or panic at any point or worry that I was about to die. It just felt mundanem. So much so that I sold the game after two weeks and only ever played it through to completion once.
I look at this game as being in need of beer goggles but in reverse. Insted of drinking to make it look pretty, you need to drink in order to give it substance.