March 5th release date?

#1 Posted by MaxDisco74 (12 posts) -

Most places on the web list this game as being released around December this year (2013), but I saw preorder cards at my local Wal-Mart this week which had it's release date as today (3-5-13). Any word on this? I can't find any reviews online...

(Update): I called Gamestop, and they said they still showed it's release as December, so it must not be out..(bummer)

#2 Posted by fizzledwar (3 posts) -

It was originally scheduled to be release March 5th, but THQ declared bankrupcy and it appears it has delayed the release...

#3 Posted by Twiztid-Maddox (668 posts) -

Ubisoft declared South Park: The Stick Of Truth will be released in 2013, so hopefully it'll come out 12/31/13!