Definitely skip this one

User Rating: 1 | SoulCalibur V PS3
Well I know what most of you are thinking. Here's another Soul Calibur game, and I expect the same as always... well its not. They changed alot... and in this case... its a -BAD- thing!

For those of us who enjoyed having the old single player mode with each character having their own precious endings that we would fight SO HARD to see... you wont get that here. instead we get a single player storyline that follows a character named Pakroptafudgeawhoseit on his quest to do who cares. there's hardly even any animated cut-scenes going through this mode either, most of this is just drawn in pictures with speech playing.

For those of us who remember the parrys... guess what... they took that out too. Yes, for those of us fans of the series, the ones who loved the parrys dearly... they took out one of the most important parts of the game! Perfect example of fixing something that wasnt broken.

Character Creation... is utter crap. you constantly have items that wont fit over your character because another piece that is on a different body part... conflicts with this piece and you have to choose either something else or not wear that part. You can add designs, but it feels more like a simple gimmick than a nice feature to have to make a truly well done customizable character.

So... to sum it all up in this simple sentence... do -NOT- buy this game. just skip this one and stick with 4... you're much better off. better to revive a classic then play the utter crap they just released. Bad form, Namco... BAD FORM!