Namco did it right this time.

User Rating: 10 | SoulCalibur V PS3
I think Namco did it right this time. The gameplay is extremely tight, Feels like its done for E-sport, the online code is flawless for an online fighting game, they even fixed the gameplay offline for online play. I have heard some whining about the story mode. But in my opinion it doesnt need it, hell its not an rpg game its a pure blooded epic fighting game. Made for hardcore fans of the series that wanna play online. I play cervantes even thou they change some of his moves, they have chnaged it to the better. Cervantes as a character is hard as hell to master but when u master him it feels like u have absolute control over evereything he do. SO basiclly the game is a great game if u wanna fight with friends or online for COMPETETIVE purpose.
If namco play their cards right they even have DLC chars soon and new stages. Some minor issues i had is some of the balance thou, chars like Siegfried and Nightmare is just silly when it comes to gameplay, and the Easy to use things for diffrent chars is silly, But if u want an challenge play Cervantes, Z.W.E.I, those chars is complex in gameplay and its stunning how much control u can have.

I understand ppl is missing some story things. but hey! play the other sc for that. This game for the Online play and the extremly tight sidestepping explosive counter fights. Suddently u have almost no life left. then u sidestep do a combo and wins the match if the player "goes for the short kill legs" hehe

its settled 9.5/10