Soul Calibur V brings an enjoyable fighting experience. Players will notice the few quirks and additions that were made.

User Rating: 9 | SoulCalibur V PS3
Soul Calibur V is a game released by Namco, one of my favorite game publishers and developers. The game has the original Soul Calibur formula; fast-paced fighting system, compelling cast of characters, great music, and rich graphics. The new additions and quirks definitely enhance this game, making it an enjoyable fighting experience.

-Fun, fast paced- fighting system
-Cast of Characters to Choose From, Including New Characters, and fighting styles
-Great music
-Enhanced game play mechanics
-Destructible Environments
-Rich Graphics makes this game one of the most beautiful fighting games.
-In my opinion Soul Calibur tries to even the playing field for versus mode.

-Weird story; No additional stories with different characters.
-Some of the new characters have annoying personalities; Kilik does not use a Kali-Yuga.
-No co-op (tag team mode), not much to do on offline mode.