Not as good as expected

User Rating: 6 | SoulCalibur V PS3
Some characters have been changed and replaced for example Xianghua has been replaced by Leixia, the fighting moves are the same and this has been done with several characters. Some characters have been completely removed like Talim, Seong Mina etc.

The Story:
The story is quite long for a Soul Calibur game, which is quite good but there is a huge downside and that is that there is no longer a story for each individual character. You mostly control Patroklos throughout most of the story though there are a few odd battles where you play as Pyrrha or Z.W.E.I

Character Creation:
Character creation has been improved where you can now add patterns and stickers to clothing pieces to make them your own unique style, which gives a lot more variety into just what you can create.

Other Game Modes:
Besides the story the game doesn't have a lot to offer besides online play. Other game modes include arcade mode,Vs mode, quick play and legendary souls.
Arcade is fairly easy enough and takes you through six stages, the downside is that you can't control how many battles you fight it's set to three wins for a win but you change the difficulty setting and even a route setting.
Quick Play: You can fight an opponent, there is no difficulty settings here besides the letters and numbers that determine how good the CPU. In some cases the CPU spams the same moves repeatedly, which can make this game mode very annoying.
Legendary Souls is very hard and basically just another game mode but has a higher diifficulty setting, which cannot be altered.
There is very few options for a Vs mode but you can now watch the CPU fight against itself here but it's not as good as the battle theatre used to be.