SoulCalibur Legends Cheats For Wii

  1. Unlocking characters weapon from 3, and 4

    You can only unlock your character's 3rd weapon in chapter 5.

    Code Effect
    Complete the quests following after chapter 5 3rd weapon for each character-
    Reach a Paladin, Master, and final rank for your quest. 4th weapon for each character-

    Contributed by: loser_02004 

  2. Unlock alternate costume colors for all characters.

    Code Effect
    Beat the game once Alternate Costumes

    Contributed by: DarkChocobo47 

  3. Use all character in every mission

    Beat the game once

    Contributed by: shiseienn 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by Data_Hunter 75K