Wow!! It's better than i expected!!

User Rating: 9.6 | SoulCalibur III PS2
I was once dumb enough to miss out on this game. Man was it good. I began to love it so much.

The Tales of souls was great, seeing all those cut scenes and battles, it was cool. However, i could not reach Night Terror with all the characters and that sucked. The story for COTS was great, i loved how my created character was a part of a story in that mode. I wished that my character could talk in those cut scenes.

The Gameplay was great. I loved mitsurugi's new move, but i was unhappy with Rapheal's moves. They weren't like the ones in Soul Calibur 2. I happy that they brought most of the old characters back. I wished that they incuded Soul Blade, because i love that game and that would be so great.

The whole game was like it was rolled up into one great Soul Calibur game. One of the best things of getting a Playstation 2.