Sonic unleashed is the best Sonic game that ever hit stores!

User Rating: 10 | Sonic Unleashed PS3
As all of you may know Sonic was and in my opinion still is a video game icon. The blue blur is faster than ever in Sonic unleashed, which will automatically put a smile on our faces. The camera is good, it moves from 3D to 2D side scrolling which is half way through to the 2D side scrolling game we have been waiting to for years, but hey, it's a great start. The story in this game is simple and simply the best. The game begins as Sonic boards Eggman's battleship in space. Sonic seems to have once again like he should be ruining Eggman's plans! Good. Then he turns into Super Sonic and chases Eggman. Even better. Then Eggman captures Sonic in some type of machine that seems to take the energy out of the chaos emeralds and extract all their power into some type of cannon. Okay. Then that cannon shoots at our lovely Earth and blasts it into pieces. Now then the climax happens. Some type of dark energy goes around Sonic and turns him into some beastly, werewolf type animal. Not so good. Sonic falls into Earth, in his beastly form and crashes on some weird unknown animal. Sonic talks to him, and when the sun rises, Sonic turns back into himself. Then that's when he realizes that when the sun goes down he turns into the werehog and when the sun goes up he turns back into himself. Sonic soon calls the weird animal 'Chip' and they go together on a journey to restore the chaos emeralds energy by putting them in temples all over the world which will put back each continent in its place. In the game you will also meet Tails and Amy, but Knuckles, Shadow and everyone else unfortunately won't join Sonic in this one. Now to talk about gameplay, Sonic day levels are fun, fast-paced and very highly addictive. They are even better than what long-Sonic fans have asked for! Now we will discuss the point that people think ruined the game. When the sun goes down Sonic turns into Sonic the werehog. Now don't just think that he turns into the werehog and he just sticks around. You get to play with Sonic the werehog, now almost everybody thinks it ruins the game, but I really think it's a awesome thing. That's what makes this game so special, like the special kind of special Sonic 2006 (the hedgehog) was supposed to be! With Sonic the werehog, the levels are way longer than the day stages, and it feels like you play night stages more but actually there is a equal amount of day and night stages. Combat with Sonic the werehog is fun and awesome with his stretchy arms and oh yeah you can upgrade his skills by killing robots and monsters which give you XP (note you can also upgrade Sonic the hedgehog's skills and make him even faster) and it becomes almsot supreme. The only slack is that there is no such thing as 2D side scrolling and the game speed difference is quite a big dfifference but that doesn't matter. Sonic Unleashed for the PS3 (and 360) is totally awesome and the Wii and PS2 versions are not so good and they didn't deserve such a high score. On the 360 version you can walk around town, do missions for towns people, the loading screens aren't so common and are short and the graphics are fantastic! Voice acting also is awesome and this game totally deserves better reviews! And people, forget about old Sonic games, so what if in this game Sonic isn't only Sonic? It doesn't matter. This game brought up a lot of slack from the past games and should deffinetly get a sequal. This game can lead Sonic into a good future!