Best Sonic game in a long time

User Rating: 8.5 | Sonic Unleashed PS3
You might have heard that Sonic Unleashed is a bad game. Well it's not. GameSpot, your wrong big time! One thing, this game has awesome level design, the Werehog is good, maybe not quite as good as the day levels, but it's still fun. The hub worlds are probably the worst out of the three, but you don't have to go in them much, and if you talk to people, they sometimes give you missions! (No, the missions aren't stupid like in Sonic 06) The graphics are AMAZING this is a real next gen sonic game. This game makes Sonic '06's graphics look like complete crap. Now for some of the bad stuff. If you don't like the Werehog, learn to, because the Werehog levels take atleast 30 minutes to beat. The Werehog levels are full of senseless (fun) combat where you beat the living crap out of the monsters. There are atleast 30 different combo moves.
The Sonic levels are awesome. Sonic can run (literally) faster than ever using the sonic boost and drifting. (Yes, sometimes in narrow places drifting left and right makes you go faster) Theres also a new move called quick step that you use with L-1 and R-1 Sonic quickly steps left or right (duh).

Sonic Unleashed is a massively underrated game. I highly suggest it to any sonic fan.