This game is nice, especially the daytime levels, overall: Very good!

User Rating: 9.5 | Sonic Unleashed PS3
Let me lay it out straight. There's not been any good game of sonic for a while,..... that is, until now! sonic used to be about speed, heroism, and all that stuff, but SEGA keeps making different gimmicks for sonic like mario and sonic at the olympics, sega all stars tennis, sonic and the black knight, they think that these gimmicks would make him better, but it turned out the other way around. Changing sonic won't make him better, he's already good, the developers, now there the ones who make him look bad, for example everybody loved sonic the hedgehog 1,2 and 3, sonic and knuckles all because sonic is not trying to be something he's not, he's not a knight, a car racer, a olympics contestant, he's being sonic, and that's why we love him! Whether it's 2D or 3D as long as sonic is doing what sonic should be doing not pretending to be some crappy tennis player, then maybe sonic will start getting respect again. Take note of sonic adventure 1, and 2 they were practically the best modern sonic games ever made and that's because sonic isn't some dumb car driver, it's because he's a badass, arrogant little hedgehog with an attitude.