Sonic Unleashed Review My score for this game is 10

User Rating: 10 | Sonic Unleashed PS3
Sonic Unleashed is a awsome game. I wonder why people gave this game a very bad review. This game has the Sonic franchise in which the Sonic universe should be. Running fast and just going straight. The story is really easy to explain. Sonic always ruin Dr. Eggman plans but this time Eggman caught him this time. He then he turn Sonic into a crearure that all Sonic fanboys love to call the werehog. Well let's really talk about the daytime Sonic and the werehog. The day stages are really fast but sometimes difficult but it really isn't bad because you have the Sonic boost and you are going straight. How can people give this game a bad review. The werehog isn't really all that bad. The goal into getting an S rank for the werehog is to not die and do all the critical attacks that you can because you can get alot of points. Even for the day stages really not all that bad of a game so far right.
You know what let's talk about the boss stages. Well the day stages are really easy because you can just juggle your opponet. So easy. But for the knight stages you have to use all the properties that are in the stages. Well thats not saying much but this game is just beatiful. Thank you Sega for thinking of this wonderful game because it is really telling us that you are really trying harder. That's my review.
Wait one thing go buy Sonic Unleashed now!. You can buy it at Walmart, Amazon, Gamestop, and even buy it here Gamespot. This game is wonderful so I really want all of you to like it because Sega tried hard when they found out that one of their games Sonic the Hedgehog 06 was a bad game so thats why they made this. So this my review so see you all.