This game is nice!

User Rating: 8 | Sonic Unleashed PS3
This game is a very good game. Not like any other sonic games. The speed is INCRIDIBLE. If you have a hard time seeing things this game is not for you because sonic goes super duper fast in this game. Lol its crazy. It has stages and story mode. The stages are fun and all you want to do is beat your time. Its so fun when you play it but its not addicting. After you play it for a while you will wanna rest for a while. Its so hyper. It feels like it is edited to go super fast motion 10x.It is fun for sonic fans and non sonic fans. This game does not have much fighting in it. Mostly running and blowing up robots on the way. The graphics are insane for ps3. So real. The story mode is kind of boring but not that hard. The good thing about this game is that anyone can play. It is not that challenging. Many gamers wont like this game but people that just like to play games would. I think this game is good enough to like but if you like taking it slow this is not for you. If you want some hype fast action this is for you. Have fun playing and good luck.