Although visually pleasing, this game is broken in every other way.

This game was so hyped, and being an avid Sonic lover, I was psyched. Unfortunately, this game was a bigger mistake than Shadow The Hedgehog. I tried and tried while playing this to come out satisfied, but the game is just not good.

The game looks fairly impressive, but all of that plasure is thrown out the window with horrible collision-detection, a camera bent on killing you, and the occasional glitches. Well, scratch occasional...

That reminds me. Try a homing attack into solid objects about Sonic's size. I lost count of how many times I perfermed a Homing Attack and he started sliding in a direction and I lost all control ocer him for 3-5 seconds. That's a sign they didn't even test it thoroughly.

The plot is horrendous, also. It seems like since humans have become characters in the games, the Sonic series has fallen through a hole without a grappling hook. The plot revolves around Sonic trying to save a human princess who doesn't even belong in the realm of Sonic named Elise, and the romantic plot just makes the game too serious, and sometimes you'll see yourself facepalming at just how bad the writing of this game is.

Of course, it has redeeming values, but not enough to say, "I'm gonna finish this game." Oftentimes, the controls would not co-operate with your input. For example, the Egg Cerberus boss, fought by Sonic, tends to screw you royally. It isn't difficult, but When you're supposed to easily Homing Attack onto the rail on its tail, and Sonic flies through the tail altogether, you then proceed to lose your rings due to this glitch. That's not a well-made game, that's signs this game needed better testing.

The soundtrack wasn't horrible. But if you think I'll say amazing, think again. Easily forgettable tunes, and horrible voice-acting punish an already broken game. Sonic Tean had a nice voicecast until 2005, when original Eggman actor Deem bristow died and they replaced the entire cast with the 4Kids cast, the voice acting went from poor/okay to "Mute the TV now!"

Overall, if you can forgive the game and its many flaws, MAYBE you can find something to like. I would doubt that, though.