You probably wont take my word but this game honestly is boring.

User Rating: 3.5 | Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity WII
First off this game is exactly like the first Sonic Riders. It plays the same and some of the new controls are even worse. When i first started playing the game i used the Wii remote but playing with it is very akward and difficult. The game doesnt pick up the motion well. Then i used the gamecube controller. The gamecube controller worked really well but honestly, with the gamecube graphics and using the gamecube controller, it feels like your playing a gamecube game. That feeling really takes away from the gameplay. The graphics have not improved from the first at all. The only thing that has changed is sonics style( it's futuristic ). This was very disappointing because if the graphics were like mario galaxy or zelda it could have been stunning. Now the gameplay is very lack luster. You dont control the tricks you do. You press one button and start flipping, which is really lame. The whole "gravity dive" thing lasts for only a few seconds and isnt very exciting. People keep saying things go flying but only one or two objects may even move. And the upgrading your gear mid race is lame also. All they say is gear change and the board will shine for a quick second and it looks exactly the same. Half the time i dont even know what got upgraded. It's really sad. Now the story is the worst thing of all. It has no real thought are exciting plot. It's just pathetic. The new extra games( if thats what you want to call them ) are pointless and just dont make sense. Overall this game my just be worse than the first. If you for some reason liked the first Sonic Riders you may like this one but dont look forward to any new experience. It's a lame sequal and i strongly suggest you dont waste 50 dollars on this disc ( i cant consider this a game ). Buy medal of honor 2 or something good.