One of the best sonic adventures there has ever been.

User Rating: 9 | Sonic Colours WII
The Opening
Sonic has been in a huge losing streak as of late. As hard SEGA tried and tried again, they just kept failing and failing. When Sonic Colors was announced, it was either make it or break it for SEGA. And they made it. Big time.

Some of the best graphics on the wii. These graphics are similar to Mario Galaxy series graphics which is very impressive and a delight to see.

Okay here's the story. Dr. Eggman buildsan amusement park in outer space and steals aliens called wisps to help destory sonics world. Sonic must save the wisps and defeat eggman. Okay this is obviously a story for young kids so thats why i gave it a 7.5.

If you had played Sonic Unleashed, the main gameplay is the day-time levels in that game. Which is running as fast as you can to the goal, old-school sonic.Along with that you get power-ups(a total of of them) to help you along the way. Sometimes, the controls can be a bit wobblely and turns can cause some issues.

Fantastic muisc. Just great. Reach for the stars, Sweet mountain Act 1, final boss theme, and,the most popular, Planet wisp act 1 are a few tracks i could name.

Boss Battles-7/10
seven boss battles and three are the same as three others. yeah i didn't like that. but don get me wrong some were good. Some.

It starts off easy like most games do and the challenge keeps on progressing and progressing. But a few levels want you to throw your wii out your window at times.

Replay value-9/10
Red rings to collect, trying to get S-rank on acts and boss-battles, challenges,and a surpise unlock(dont wanna spoil)

The thing I hated most about this game. Sure there is almost 40 levels but some of those levels take a minute to complete! Cmon, thats no fair. You could beat this game in a day if you wanted.

Nothing special about the co-op. Not too special.

Camera Controls-10/10
No camera problems. When side-scrolling sonic may be a little too small to see but besides that small flaw great.

The Conclusion-Overall 9/10
This is one of my favorite Wii games and one of the best sonic games in the modern era. If you are a sonic game, please but this game. You won't regret it.