Sonic CD is a instant classic for Sonic fans as it comes back with an explosion of nostalgia.

User Rating: 8 | Sonic CD PC
Game: Sonic CD
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Sonic Team/SEGA
System: Steam (PC)
Total Score: 83/100
Value Score: 8.3/10

• Story: 7/10
o Sonic CD takes place in separate time zone and possibly a separate reality. Sonic has found out that Dr. Eggman has been playing with time and causing all sorts of issues. With the power of the chaos emeralds, Sonic must travel through time to defeat Eggman and rescue Amy - a new character in the game that is closely related to Sonic.

• Characters: 8/10
o Sonic and Eggman show up in the game just like in any other Sonic game but noticeably missing are Tails and Knuckles who did appear in other Sonic games. For their replacement however two new characters have been added. Amy the pink hedgehog who is in love with Sonic and Metal Sonic a robotic version of the blue hero created by Dr. Eggman to combat Sonic with all and every possible power that Sonic has. Other than that the boss battles most of them are remixes of the older games where you end up fighting Dr. Eggman in his Egg mobile. The enemies are changed somewhat but mainly in appearance as there are several enemies who were recycled in appearance and movement but with minor additions.

• GamePlay: 10/10
o Sonic CD plays like the traditional Sonic game unlike 3D Blast and Pinball. However a few new changes have been added. For one thing a time sign has been added to each and every stage every few areas. These time signs indicate between Past and Future - depending on which one you go through can affect which time you would go in as the name suggests. If you keep running past after check pointing them you will be warped into that specific time. The past usually involves less enemies but more obstacles while the future consists of more open paths but with more enemies. Obtaining the Chaos emeralds is similar to past games and upon capturing all of the emeralds will grant you super Sonic form.

• Graphics: 9/10
o Sonic CD uses a similar visual style as the other 2D sonic games however the details of the locations and of the enemies are far superior to any recent sonic game around its time. Thanks to SEGA CD's upgrade from the genesis, Sonic CD was able to have a bit more texture focus than the other games in the series at the time.

• Sound: 8/10
o Sonic CD uses similar to same sound effects from the older games with a bit better bitrate in quality than the older games again due to the thanks of the power of the Sega CD.

• Music: 10/10
o Sonic CD uses a new set of tracks and tunes for the OST. The soundtrack is very different from the older sonic games bringing it a more exotic feel to it along with the industrial tech backgrounds of the older games.

• Length: 5/10
o Sonic CD is yet again like the other Sonic games despite the fact that one can go different paths thanks to the time zones is still short on the length portion as one can finish the game within 2-3 hours at a quick playthrough. There are seven zones with 2 acts and a third act featuring a direct boss battle. Some of the Zones dont have a third round and could lead you directly to the boss of that zone.

• Replay Value: 6/10
o Sonic CD's replay value allows you to replay each level again in a time challenge - you also have the choice to replay the game through different paths using the time signs but other than that there really isnt much you can do in the game post game wise.

• Player Value: 10/10
o Sonic CD is a great new addition to the 2D Sonic games and undoes every damage that Sonic 3D blast and Spinball did to the series' credibility. Sonic CD brings back the traditional 2D style but brings a visually stunning enhancement and audio thanks to the power of the Sega CD at the time. The game features a bit more of a storyline like Sonic 3 & Knuckles thanks to the addition of the two new characters in the game and the whole time sign/gate aspect is a breath of fresh air introduced in this game.