How you can help make a Desert Dazzle dlc happen!

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As many of you may know, a dlc add-on is possible for this game at this point. SEGA just needs to know about it. How can you make this happen? 1. Sign up on 2. Vote "Yes!" in the poll on the following thread: 3. Post "/signed" in the above thread. This is the last chance we have to tell SEGA we want this before it's too far after the release for them to even consider this! I am BEGGING you to help me on this.
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Wow I've been here 6 years and never posted. I would really love to see these new levels become a reality for the Sonic community. The Sonic CD remake was amazing and it was really successful in terms of sales especially with its low price. The concept of the boss seems really creative as well, you've got me in on this!
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hi gosu :)