Very much worh playing. Xbox 360 must.

This game is one of the first launch titles for the Xbox 360 and one of the best to hit this system. The graphics are smooth and the frame rate is excellent. Even if you dont have a HD telivision the graphics still look sharp and amazing. The game puts you in 3 different positions and gives you a true perspective on how that certain war was. Its extremely intense, and that what makes it an awsome game. It really seems like your there aming and shooting at the enemy yourself. The enemy AI is at its best. They know when to retreat, shoot, and use stealth. Unlike some games where the enemy just runs and shoots at you. Its not like that here. The enemy actually uses GOOD tatics. They use grenades to flush you out, and hide behind doors and corners. This is also what makes the game pretty difficult. Another good feature is the sound. The sound is perfect. If you have a surround sound system...Then you wont stop playing for hours at a day. But overall, This game is truly a revolution. Dont listen to anyone who says its garbage. They probably never even played the game. And the online value is AWSOME. The only bad part is that you can only play with 8 people. But besides that, Its FUN!! And thats whats important . I think you should at leats rent the game. I would say buy it, but with the prices on the 360 games....stick with renting. I hope I help out on your decision.