Gameplay:6 Graphics:8 Sound:7 Music:8 Replay Value 7

User Rating: 7.5 | Sonic and the Black Knight WII
The gameplay was repetitive and the same through the entire game you may be able to get new moves but it you start to notice that you going to end up using the same moves needed.The missions is short and always defeat this many foes or collect this many rings sounds like another game I played that was just like this Sonic and the secret rings and warioland shake it.There is alot of stuff to collect for fans but its really not going to save this game.Battle mode is down right awfull don't play this or its off to a small arena using weapons.The story is well done and the voice actors is still good but the story could have been better.A talking sword with a face wow next will be talking clothes or shoes???

The graphics is great the best I've seen since Super Mario Gaxlaxy but You man run into a wall or something or worst an incoming enemy if you can't time attacks that well.

The sound is good not anything to say about this.

Music is great for listening for the many missions u go on and they are many songs playing so there aren't that many loops just alot of different songs playing.