We're ALL Mad Here

When I first saw the previews for this game on the website here and in GI, I was shvitzing. Then, I prayed to God that they would put the original "Alice" on the 360, give it an HD update, and rock my socks like it did back when it first came out.

And, boy, has it!

Aside from actually putting the game for as a free download if you buy it new (amen), this game stands by itself. The combat is VERY different from the first one. Alice is just a wee bit madder than she was. And things are still not well in Wonderland.

Between the scenery and the beautiful visuals, the witty (and often trife) dialogue, and the well imbued combat, I find myself enraveled in this game.
NO SPOILERS HERE! I'm not gonna talk about the story- jus know Alice is fudged up in the head, Wonderland is fuged up because of her, and things get crazy...

The platforming in this game point softly to the "Mario 64" days (between the jumps and the sliding for teeth). It's pretty fluid. Most of my deaths was starring at the background... sorry Alice! Go ask Alice... she's over the cliff! =)

I love the weapons in this one.... but the Vorpal Blade is still my favorite (as, I'm sure, it is to ANY Alice aficionados). Unfortunately, I found the weapons to be less inspired than the first one.... the upgrades help balance that fizzle, tho.

I'd recommend this game to anyone that, of course, played+loved the first one, people that like solid platformers, or people that jus wanna enravel in a game and fall down the rabbit hole, so to speak.

I call this game a Masterpiece because it truly deserves it. A wonderful first game 10 years ago, and 10 years silence all combines with them being on the 360 and being updated and beautiful and still just as brilliant as before.