A good game for Sonic lovers the one of the best 3D Sonics yet

User Rating: 9 | Sonic Adventure 2 DC
Sonic Adventure 2 was the last Sonic game on a Sega console and a good one at that.rnrnIt introduced two new characters Shadow and Rouge. It offered a Hero and Dark side story mode. Choosing Hero made you Sonic, Tails and Knuckles and Sonics missions where fast 3D stages Knuckles was finding master emerald pieces and Tails was shooting and Dark side was the same except you trying to take over the world. Shadows were the speed stages, Eggman shooting stages and Rouge the emerald collecting. They faced each other as well so Sonic would face Shadow, Tails vs Eggman and Knuckles against Rouge. When both were complete you woould see a story called last and Sonic and the rest would have to team up and stop the Space Colony crashing to earth.rnrnIt offers missions five in total the 1st been the main one the 2nd been collecting 100 rings 3 finding the lost chao. Number 4 getting through the stage in a certain amount of time and fives a harder version of that level. Chao gardens was where you could raise a chao which can be entered in races and you can feed it to give it better skills. A good game. 3D Sonic is not that special but this is good.