Uncharted Drakes Fortune, for the PS3. . action , adventure game and a not miss game.

To begin things off with Drakes Fortune, you play of course as Drake, a young treasure hunter. Looking for the city of Gold. With a good looking side kick writer, and a best friend. Lots of dark secrets and excitin times await them. GOOD THINGS:
The game play is great, the graphics are beautiful, you can hardly tell the difference in when you are watching a cut scene and when you are playing the game. The power of the PS3 and wow of the capabilities of the systems is wonderful, and unbelievable. The game has a grat replay value. Even tho the game is short. The story line in the game is great, really keeps you involved in the game and wanting to keep playing. You get the same feeling from this game that you do when you are watching a movie and you just have to see the end, while at the same time it keeps you so entertained that hours hae went by and it seems like no time. The levels can be a bit trying and you will have to use logic and stratgey to get pass some of them, good ht ing also , if you get stuck you can hit L2 for a hint, as to what you need to do, and it really helps sometimes. The characters in the game are as likeable as they come and are very entertaining. Also has some good comedy.
Not much I can say along these lines, really didnt find anything about the game that I did not like. Like I had said before, it is kind of short, but does have replay value. So that doesnt hold it back any.
THis is a very impressive game and very enjoyable for anyone at any age. Heck my mom even liked it. This game is defintely worth the money.