Sonic's last game on the Genesis may be 3D, but it isn't a Blast...

User Rating: 5 | Sonic 3D Blast GEN
If there's one generation of Sonic games that fans love most, it was his Genesis games. Practically every Sonic game released for this console was considered an instant classic...except one. When I was little, I'll admit, I kind of liked this game. After playing it recently, I've found that it's definitely not that great of a game. In fact, it's probably the worst Sonic game on the Genesis.

The plot of the game is about these birds called "flickies" who can travel between dimensions through a giant ring. Dr. Robotnik learns about these flickies on "Flickie Island", captures them, and uses them to power his robots. Sonic goes to Flickie Island to visit the flickies when he finds out Robotnik's plan. He then jumps into the giant ring into the other dimension in order to save the flickies and bring peace to the island.

For a 16 bit game, the 3D graphics are ok, but I've seen better. The character models are kind of fuzzy and the rest of the graphics just hurt my eyes. They're not that horrible I guess, but they're not that great either.

The gameplay could use the most work. It's got speed in there but not as much as the past Sonic games on the Genesis. The biggest problem is that it's hard to control Sonic most of the time. Once you start running at full speed, it's hard to stop or turn around. Trying to jump on something can be quite annoying and tedious too. Sometimes you can jump on an enemy just fine but other times it's hard to line Sonic up just right and you have to keep jumping until you succeed.

Anyway, after every enemy you kill, a flickie pops out. Your job in every level is to collect all 5 flickies and jump on the big ring where you can advance on to either the next part of the level or move on to the next stage. I think I'd rather just race to the end like most Sonic games though.

When you collect 50 rings or more, you can find Tails and Knuckles in every stage which is where you find the special stages. The special stages aren't horrible but the graphics themselves can make you dizzy and jumping can be quite annoying. In the end, it's mostly frustrating. The other problem is that Tails and Knuckles have their own set of stages so that's 14 all around. I'll stick with blue sphere.

The music is pretty good, it does have some catchy tunes in here. Not much else to say.

Sonic 3D Blast isn't the worst Sonic game, but it certainly isn't good. Easily my least favorite Sonic game on the Genesis. It's just too frustrating and tedious of an adventure making it ONE of the worst Sonic games out there.