A cool game but the Sega Saturn and Genesis (Mega Drive) version is better.

User Rating: 8.1 | Sonic 3D Blast PC
So far this game has come out on 3 different versions. The Mega Drive one, the Sega Saturn one (Which I think is the best) and this one the PC version. If you have never played Sonic 3D Blast then I think that you should. It is a great game. Plus the game is not very hard now to find. (Story) Sonic and co are off to visit the mysterious Flickey Island. Meanwhile, Dr Robotnik has hatched a new plan. his target this time is Flickey Island. He has detected the presence of the Chaos Emeralds on the Island. upon arriving there, Dr Robotnik immediately starts setting up his intruder defences, and begins building the robots he loves so much. But Dr Robotnik needs to find the Flickies to place inside his machines. Suddenly Dr Robotnik sees a bright shining Dimension Ring appear. A flock of Flickies fly out of the ring, perch on a tree branch, pick up some food and then disappear into the Dimension ring. Robotnik now knows the secret of the Flickeys, that they live in another dimesion. Robotnik develops a new device: the Dimension Ring Generator. He then captures Flickies with the Ring he made and then begins to turn them into badniks. Now its up to Sonic to stop the mad Doctors plan and save the Flickies and there Island. (Graphics) Sonic and the others look really good plus the way Sonic moves is also a nice touch. The backgrounds and land marks all look really detailed and are quite impresive for a old game. (Sound) I really did like the songs on this game they are very easy to listen to and will enjoy listening to them while you play the game. (How it Plays) It can be a bit hard to be able to control Sonic on the Key board so i recoment you get a control for this but with a control you should be fine. Plus there is nothing wrong with the camera veiw in this game so you can easy see what you are doing. (Value)Quite a long game to complete with huge levels and getting the Chaos Emeralds will also take some time but it will get a bit easy after a while and you will soon see yourself completing the game. (Overall)If you have never played this game then i recomend you get it but you can get it just about anywhere now. I would say that the Sega Saturn version is much better but not that many people would have played that one. But you can also get this game well the Mega Drive version on all consoles now because of Sonic Mega Collection. But if you dont have any consoles and your a PC fan then get this game and try it out.