Don't believe the rumors about this game, they're not true! :idea:

User Rating: 10 | Sonic 3D Blast GEN
Let me just make one thing clear right here and now: "Sonic 3D Blast" for the Sega Genesis is not hard! Seriously, it isn't! Especially not when it's compared against "Sonic Adventure Deluxe Directors Cut" or "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle," there's just no comparison! This game is easy, it just takes some getting useful. It's really not that hard to master the controls or avoid the dangers in this game. And once the timing is mastered, this game is literally a blast to play! All it takes is some getting used to. Sure, it's by no means a Sonic game in the traditionial sense, but you still have enemies to defeat, rings, 1-up's, and Chaos Emeralds to collect! Plus Dr. Robotnik is back once again trying numerous mechanical inventions to try to stop Sonic the Hedgehog throughout many different level designs such as an Amusement Park stage, a snow stage, a lava stage, a technology stage, and my personal favorite, the jungle stage, not just for the design of it, but also because of the rocking music. This game definitly pushed the graphical capabilities of the Sega Genesis farther then it had ever been pushed before, so it's sad that this is the only real example of what could've been accomplished on the Sega Genesis. But the fact that this game did manage to get created showed that there was a reason that Sega could hold it's own against Nintendo and had games of it's own that were made to be played, even if they didn't have as many as Nintendo did. Of course, it's very strange now that all these years later, Sega is now releasing games On Nintendo systems, and they're even being allowed to feature characters from the Nintendo universe onto Sega published games! It just goes to show you that time changes everything and sometimes, even the most impossible of dreams can come true! That's why I like this game! :idea: Enough said! ;)