Due to dificulty and bugs... Im sorry I have to give it... 5.5

User Rating: 5 | Soldiers: Heroes of World War II PC
I got this game because I wanted a WWII strategy game... Other people say this game is good... but im not other people so I must give my honest opinion.

There are 30 missions in this game. Each of these missions are split up between four campaign's (British Russia America and Germans), then there are some bonus missions... so far ive only completed one bonus mission, its that hard...
What happened??? I played the Russian campaign, got to the last mission,
beat the last mission, game crashes when saving, data gets corrupted, data starts to mess up the hole computer, so I have to un-install and re-install the game. To be honest I don't know why I bothered...
(all of the above is just one reason i gave it 5.5)

This is the sort of game that would have been great but they messed it up.

Game play would be great but when your five minutes into the mission, it crashes and you have to start again... Saving a lot doesn't always help because if it crashes while its saving the data gets corrupted and you need to un install and re install the game. Plus the controls are very fiddly and take ages to work out. Whats good about the game play is the battle and how realistic it is. Everything can be blown up, killed, flattened (the bigger the building the harder to destroy it). You can garrison soldiers in buildings and they shoot out the windows. Whats also cool is how you can scavenge for stuff. Example, you can order a soldier to take the ammo from a dead enemy.
If a Tank is broken and the crew is dead you can take the bombs or the oil out of that tank and put it in your tank. You can also take the mounted machine gun from the tank, car, bunker. You can repair your vehicle as well.
Whats very very very un realistic is the number of enemy's you have to fight.
In one mission you have to clear a village of Germans, the Germans have
eight heavy tanks, three armored vehicles and twenty Germans,
You get one tank and five troops to crew it...

The Graphics are great considering when this game was made (2004) The water looks good, the blood looks good, the explosions and gun flashes look good. shadows are good considering when the game was made but compared to today's shadow graphics, obviously are outdated, all the graphics on the game are outdated but the shadows are very outdated.

The A.I. is not very good. Sometimes the A.I. doesn't react to bullets flying over their heads. All the A.I. does is wander around shooting things that aren't
wearing a Swastika.

The soundtrack is ok but it could have been better...
Guns sound weak, explosions aren't very loud, splashes don't sound very good, but the deaths sound good, whats very annoying is the dialogue,
Its just nerve-grinding... "LETS BLOW THEIR BRAINS ALOVA THA PLACE"

So i give it a 5.5... what this game really needed was custom battles.
The difficulty is very annoying and the glitches spoil the rest of the fun... and to make things worse, no one go's online anymore...
Maybe rent this game but dont buy it... sure its cheap but it rarely fun...