My first game in the series

Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the Xbox 360 rocks! Fantastic Story
Great controls, Epic Soundtrack, Voices are stereotypical though.

Gameplay: The game is pretty hard at first since you don't have any augmentations yet but like every other RPG you get stronger the more you progress. Combat is fun and isn't repetitive, although the boss battles are out of place. There are some minor glitches found however and weak A.I., If You don't want to fight there are always alternative paths to take to complete a mission. 8/10

Story: A highly interesting story that makes you want see what happens next. The story about a man who was left for dead, being forced to become augmented and find out who was behind the assault. Your also make decisions and those decisions have consequences. 10/10

Music: Music in Human Revolution is taken for granted in-game but listening to it is very rewarding. 9/10

The Verdict: 9.0/10
Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a very fun game, it can last you up to 20-40 hours on your first play through. You'll probably want to play a second time to find out what you missed or what other choices you can make.