Beating a dead horse.

When I first saw/played this game on the PC, it wasn't anything new. It was very much like Doom 3, dark, confined areas with an emphasis on spooking the player. This game uses what the Japanese horror industry has put out: seemingly harmless little girls that are demons. The scares are what you'd expect, cheesy, and you will develop an ability to predict when you'll trigger one of these scares. It gets repetitive, kill a bunch of soldiers, get scared, repeat. The AI isn't groundbreaking at all. I've always felt that reviewers expect too little from their games. Wow, an enemy took cover, now we'll have to praise the game's superior AI. Unfortunately for me, unless the AI can mimic what actual human players do online, AI will be nothing spectacular. Now onto the heart of the review, this game just really, really sucks. I haven't had any issues with the PS3 before such as slower FPS (and 360 fanboys can keep silent), but this game is very choppy on the PS3. Every few seconds you'll get a CHOP here, then a CHOP there. Takes away whatever goodness this game has to offer. When I look back at this game, when it came out on the PC it was good, but now the graphics are just terrible. Good games get better with age, I can still play Doom and revel in the memories, but with FEAR, it's just discontent. Save your time and money and avoid this at all cost.