Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Cheats For PC

  1. Changing cg_fov

    Type ''cg_fov'' in console, and try to increase this value. Yep, it's ''cheat protected''. For those who don't know what fov does: fov can help your game, as you can see more, and in fights you are disoriented less. So how do we unlock this feature?
    Fire up your favorite hex-editor, open cgamex86.dll (it's in the folder where you have installed the game) and search for ''cg_fov''. Next to it is the default value of ''80'', change it to ''99''.
    Ps. You can't change it to a higher value than 99.

  2. MP5, Silver Talon, and SIG551 in Single Player

    To get the 3 multiplayer weapons in single player, do the following.

    Open up the console (by pressing shift + `) and type:

    hash sv_cheats 1
    give all

    (Press shift + ` again to close the console.)

    This will give you every weapon, but not the 3 multiplayer weapons. Exit the mission, then restart it or play another one. You will start with the 3 multiplayer weapons regardless of what you chose for your inventory.

    NOTE: This code requires the Gold Edition of SoFII

  3. Enable Gore in Demo

    Before starting the game, right click the shortcut to the SoF2 demo (whether it's in the Start Menu or the Desktop) then click Properties and go to ''Target'' and enter +set lock_blood 0 to the end. It should like something like ''C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - SP Demo\SoF2.exe'' +set com_multilingual 2 +set sp_language +set lock_blood 0

    Then, close the shortcut, start SoF2 and start a new game. Open up the console with Shift + Tilde (~) and type in ''menu lock'' (without the quotes). The violence menu will appear, prompting you for a Parental Lock password. Anything will do. Set the new password and then the choices will be brought up, such as allowing blood and/or limbs damage. Once you have picked your selections, exit and restart the game. Now the demo will have all the violence of the retail version! ;)

  4. Console Cheats

    First you have to bring down the console. It should already be enabled. To bring it down press Shift + ~(Tilde) and type this first :
    ''setrandom sv_cheats 1'' (without the quotes). You will have to re-enter this everytime you start SOF2, then you just type these codes:

    Code Effect
    give stamina Increases Stamina
    nofatigue No Fatigue
    devmap [levelname] Warp to Specified Map
    give [itemname] Gives you Specified Item
    no clip Walk through objects
    give all Gives All Weapons
    god God Mode
    give armor Gives you Full Armor
    give health Gives you Full Health
    give ammo Gives you Full ammo
    kill Kills your player
    no target Enemies can't see you.
    pinkspider Get unlimited power
    cmdlist Displays console commands
    mapname Displays current map name
    g_gravity [1-800] Change gravity (default = 800)
    g_speed [number] Change speed (default =320)
    quit Exit game
    raven 1 Level select icon
    timescale x Change Game Speed (X between 0.1 and 10)
  5. Thermal and Night Vision goggles

    Drop down the console window with SHIFT+`, type the following commands and hit Enter for the desired effect:

    Code Effect
    cg_goggles 1 Night vision
    cg_goggles 2 Thermal vision
    cg_goggles 0 Return to normal vision

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ/Hints and Tips FAQ/Hints and Tips by Halon50 51K
Other Multiplayer FAQ by ELau 27K
FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by Tyrlan 108K

Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Cheats For Xbox

  1. Gameplay cheats

    Enter these codes during game play.
    You must click and hold the Left analog stick to enter these codes.

    Code Effect
    X Y A B All Weapons
    Black A Y White Unlimited Ammo
    Black B A White Level select
    B-A-Y-X God Mode

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ/Hints and Tips FAQ/Hints and Tips by Halon50 51K
FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by Tyrlan 108K

Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Cheats For PC

  1. Lots of cheats

    First open up the console, then enter the cheats, then close the console

    Code Effect
    give all All weapons and ammo
    noclip No clip mode
    god God mode
    give (Item name) Give indicated item
    give armor Full armor
    give ammo Full ammo for your weapons
    health More health
    give stamina More stamina
    pinkspider Infinite power
    notarget Enemies are stuped
    nofatigue Never get tired
    cmdlist List console commands
    mapname Display current map name
    dir maps List maps
    map (Level name) Move to indicated level
    spdevmap (Level name) Move to indicated level
    devmap (level name) Move to indicated level
    raven 1 Level select at main menu
    g_gravity (0-800) Change gravity. 800 default, fly at 0
    g_speed (Number) Change movement speed
    name (Text) Change name
    toggle r_fullscreen Full screen or windowed, but it will restart
    serverinfo Show current server settings
    reconnect Go back to last server
    kill You die
    quit Exit game