Soldat Cheats For PC

  1. F1 Codes

    Press the button to activate a hidden action...

    Code Effect
    F1 Show/Hide player scores
    F2 Show/Hide player name indicators
    Alt + F2 Show/Hide sniper line
    F3 Show/Hide net stats
    F4 Take screenshot (saves to Soldat\Screens)
    F5 Play/Stop music
    F6 Previous music track
    F7 Next music track
    F8 Record/Stop demo
    F8 (during demo play) Fast Forward
    F9 Minimize game window
    F10 Pause Game
  2. Various Commands

    Type these commands in the console to make your character carry them out. The commands can be entered by pressing the / key and then typing in the commands, although the first 4 commands can be entered automatically by pressing Alt+1-4.

    Code Effect
    Smoke Player lights a cigar.
    Tabac Player chews tobacco.
    Takeoff Player takes off headgear.
    Victory Player cheers in victory.
    Kill Kills player.
    Brutalkill Brutally kills player.
    Mercy Player commits suicide with current weapon.
    Piss Player takes a piss.

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ FAQ by kaptainkirby 21K
FAQ FAQ by Flame060 43K
FAQ FAQ by TL15 14K